Monday, February 10, 2020

Notes for meeting of 2-9-2020

We had our regular meeting for the month of February. We had a very nice turnout of 21 members for our Old Ale tasting. Thanks to Ed and Kira Tash for shopping for
all the beers for the beer tasting.

It was discussed during the meeting of setting up a brewing equipment swap sometime in the near future. We  would like to hear from any members that would be interested 
in doing something like this or would like to comment on this idea.

Tentative plans for our April meeting would be a brew- in demonstration to attract new members FOSSILS. It has been discussed of having put in student news papers of IUS
and Ivy tech. 

Discussed was the possibility of having a trivia competition at a future meeting.

Because of remodeling project (painting) going on at NABC this past Sunday we had to cut our meeting short, therefore we did not have to have our normal raffle. So we are hoping
to have a large raffle at our March meeting. Thanks to everyone who brought raffle items to February meeting. They will be put in the March meeting.

Our next meeting will be March 8, 2020. It will be a brew food competition, the food must contain beer, not beer ingredients. It can be entree, dessert or appetizer but it must be edible. We would like to have at least 6 entries, and more if possible.

Please bring raffle items and money to purchase raffle tickets. The money raised from raffle supports the club and pays for the beer that we drink at the meeting.

Hope to have another great turnout at our March Meeting.

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