Thursday, February 6, 2020

Notes for Executive Committee meeting of 2-5-2020

Members in attendance were: Ed Needham; Larry Hovekamp; Ed Tash; Kira Tash;  Mike; Jim Frazier; Debbie Frazier; and Dave Leist.

Ed Tash mentioned that he received the Kentucky State Fair mailing regarding the Homebrew competition and that the fee was $100.00. It was voted on and approved
by the members present for Ed to pay this fee from the club's funds.

We have also started discussions on having a T-shirt for Fossils 30 year anniversary. which will be this September. We would like to get discussions from all members. So if anyone has any ideas or suggestions please bring them up at the next meeting.

The regular meeting of March 8, 2020 was originally schedule to be the Funky and Pungent competition but it has been discussed to be changed to a Brew food competition
(beer must be in it).  We would like to have members opinions and/or discussion on this proposal.

The discussion for the regular meeting in April was to some type of brewing demonstration to try to increase in membership. Also to advertise about this event locally such as
in IUS student newspaper. We would really like to have some input regarding this idea from any of our members.

Our next regular meeting is this Sunday, 2-9-2020 at 6:00 PM at NABC (Sportstime Pizza). it will be an old ale tasting, which we already have some left over from our last tasting.
Ed Tash will be shopping this weekend for some others to sample. Thanks Ed. If any member's have any of this style to share please bring it to the meeting.

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