Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 FOSSILS Picnic

We've said it before, but here's a reminder!
The 2013 FOSSILS Picnic will be held at the home of Ed Needham on Saturday, July 13, 2013 from noon till midnight. We've met here before for the 20 Year Anniversary Party, so many of you may be familiar with the location and the layout. The home is located at 1902 McDonald Lane in New Albany, not more than two or three blocks from RichO's NABC where we have our meetings. There is an 18'x33' pool, five decks, and three swings that we can all use, as well as an acre of yard for games, sports or finding a quiet place to sit and talk.
FOSSILS will provide fried chicken and something for those who are not meat eaters, as well as paper products, but it'll be up to you to bring a tasty dish or two.  Desserts, casseroles, you know the drill.  Bring enough for those with you and we'll all pitch it together.
Homebrewers! Bring your homebrew!  We'll have jockey boxes and cold plates, but if you have one, bring it!  Please let Ed Needham know if you plan to bring homebrew so we can make sure we have enough!
Bring homebrew (let Ed know)
Bring Food
Bring Lawnchairs
Bring glassware for you to drink with
Bring a raffle item!
Drink responsibly! Plan for a designated driver who can drive you safely home.
Ed Needham will not be responsible for any accidents at the party! Attending assumes you understand this.
Let's have some fun!
Dogs are welcome if they are people and dog friendly!
Kids are welcome too!
Guests are welcome but please be responsible for your guests!
There is a Facebook Event Page for those of you on Facebook.  Check it out and 'join'.
Let's have a good time.  Rain or shine. There will be plenty of tent, awning, indoor space if it rains.
Vice President and Acting Secretary,
Ed Needham 502-608-4936

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