Friday, October 8, 2010

This SUNDAY The Craft Raffle & Notes About the Meeting

Hey Crew, if anyone has been reading the Calendar, you may have noticed:

Bring your handmade items for the raffle!  Remember that they don't necessarily need to be beer related!  Homebrew is always a welcome raffle item too!

For the Sunday Meeting, some notes:

We will be meeting at SPORTSTIME, there is an internal NABC event going on in Prost.
For the meeting, we are keeping Sportstime smoke free (sorry if anyone's hopes were too high on this one, you will be able to smoke outside the doors just like at our Saturday meetings)
It is the Brewfood competition meeting, so there will be food, but if you would like to bring something, you are certainly encouraged.
Please bring picnic goods if you can (plates,cups, napkins, utinsils), when you can.  Anything not used will be added to the FOSSILS larder for future use.

Plan to have a good time!

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