Thursday, May 27, 2010

Voting Results, June Events, and the Newsletter

Hey Crew, I just wanted to get everyone up-to-date going into the long weekend.

I will not send out another email with the Newsletter Link,so just look for it tomorrow at or on the FOSSILS Facebook group.

Voting Results:
Voting went well overall with 29 votes for Sunday, 11 for Saturday and 2 abstaining.  The Exec committee will confer to release updates to the calendar.  Remember, the next club meeting isn't until July!
I want to thank everyone for taking part in the vote.

Events Calendar With Links: (ie, are you busy enough?)

May 28-30th - Campout/Picnic
May 29th - Southern Indiana Uncorked
June 5th - Fest of Ale
June 12 - Indiana Homebrew Club BBQ
June 17-19 - NHC in Minneapolis
June 19th - Tops of the Hops
July 9-10 - Indiana Brewers Cup 
July 17th - Indianapolis Microbrewer Festival

Joe Bray
Minister of Propaganda

FOSSILS/LAGERS Campout 2010 Addendum

Well the time is finally here!  Tomorrow, Friday May 28th is the opening day of the Friday, Saturday and half a day Sunday campout.  The planning committee has done a spectacular job in pulling this thing together and we can look forward to some great homebrew, fantastic food, and relaxing fellowship. 
Details are in the Campout flier previously sent in an email May 10th and also linked here:
The flier includes directions, what to bring, food plans, etc.  You probably already know the drill. 
We are supposed to have wonderful weather, and I am excited.  Here's a couple of things that you might not think to bring, but would be helpful:
A drinking vessel for beer.
A mug for Saturday and Sunday morning coffee.
Bug spray
Fishing poles
RAFFLE ITEMS!!!!  Please bring Raffle Items and some cash to buy raffle tickets!
Here's a selfish request of mine.  I would love to get together with any musicians coming to the campout and play some music this weekend.  I'm bringing my bass guitar and a small practice amp.  If you play an instrument, bring it and let's jam!
Let's all have a safe and fun time this year!
Ed Needham, FOSSILS president
502-608-4936 cell

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tie Breaker Vote!

At the conclusion of some cross-communication within the Exec. Members, we've decided to hold the tie breaker vote to choose a meeting date starting this week.  An email of FAQ's should be going out some time Monday/Tuesday.  We will try to cover all of the topics that we've discussed in the past meetings. 

       Vote to move meetings to Sundays or Keep Saturday

  • Saturday with Large meetings in Prost Small meetings (4 times/yr) in the back of Prost
  • Sunday in Prost (no food service, bring your own food)
  • Exec. Meeting, Wednesday May 19th, 7pm - Voting is open for as long as the meeting lasts.
  • Absentee:  Ballots will be available behind the bar at Richo's starting Tuesday Evening.
  • Email:  Email me via this link   ( in case the link doesn't work on your browser)
    • Include the names of each person voting and each person's vote.  Please, include "my vote" in the "Subject:" line. Do not email my personal account or my Facebook account with your vote.

Who can vote:

Any member, spouse, drinking age dependent FOSSIL member who's dues are paid up.  If you are not sure if this is you, contact me or Debbie Fraizer to check.  Please start by checking the email from the last meeting announcements, there is a spreadsheet of names.  I will collect all ballots and emails. Any person voting and not on the list will have their vote set aside and not counted.  I will try to let anyone emailing a vote know early if they are not on the paid member list, but I can give no promises that this will be timely.

How's it work? (my daughter's favorite saying)

You cast the vote, I filter the votes between paid members and dinosaur food, and I pass the votes to Debbie for counting.  The plan is to attempt to get the results of the vote announced next Wednesday evening via email.

What happens next?

I'm going to have a beer.... Then I will post this note on and Facebook.
We will discuss at the Exec meeting this week when want to move the meeting "if" Sunday is chosen.  I will update the club Calendars and post the results, including the effective date, May 26th.

Joe Bray
Minister of Disinformation

Next Exec. Meeting Scheduled for this Wednesday May 19th 7pm at Richo's

The next Executive Meeting is scheduled for this Wednesday, May 19th.  We will meet at 7pm at Richo's.  Everyone is invited.

Items to expect on the Agenda

  • Tie-Breaker Vote for Meeting Dates (Saturday vs. Sunday) - Another email to follow on this vote, you will be able to vote at this meeting!
  • By-Law update committee formation
  • Dues
  • Updates on other projects (Bourbon Barrel Brew, 20th Anniversary activities,...)
  • Calendar
Email me if there is something you would like discussed and cannot attend.  Meeting minutes will be posted in the newsletter.

Joe Bray
Secretary, Newbie Club Librarian, Minister of Propaganda, Part-time web dude...

Last meeting recap!

Just a quick recap of last Saturday's meeting:

The Vote was held to choose a day for Future FOSSILS meetings.  The voted ended late in the meeting with a tie vote (20/20) for Saturday and Sunday.  This will probably be the main discussion of the next Exec. meeting, but it is safe to say that we will not have a vote to break the tie at the May Camp-out.

Special thanks to everyone that chose to get their dues caught up for the year.

Special thanks also go to Beth Howard for getting a copy of the By-Laws out in digital form.  If you missed the email of the link, you can find one at

The President's Choice brew-off went well.  Thanks go to Dave Howard's crew for conducting the Judging!  We only had 3 Bourbon beers in this year's compeition, but they were fun beers.  The results as follows:

President's Choice Bourbon Beers:

Technical Winner:  Joe Bray

Peoples' Choice:
1st - Joe Bray  -"Insufferable Bastard" Bourbon Barleywine
2nd - Aaron Boggs - Spearmint Bourbon Brown
3rd - Scott Boyer - Bourbon Stout

Thanks about all for now.  There should be a newletter coming out shortly due to the Camp-out coming up on May 28th!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Club By-Laws

As I mentioned at Saturday's meeting, I am posting the club by-laws.  Thanks to Beth Howard for making this available.  This link will also be available from the club website at

Joe Bray

2010 LAGERS/FOSSILS Campout Flyer (May 28-30)

Flyer for the camp-out is at this link: