Sunday, May 16, 2010

Last meeting recap!

Just a quick recap of last Saturday's meeting:

The Vote was held to choose a day for Future FOSSILS meetings.  The voted ended late in the meeting with a tie vote (20/20) for Saturday and Sunday.  This will probably be the main discussion of the next Exec. meeting, but it is safe to say that we will not have a vote to break the tie at the May Camp-out.

Special thanks to everyone that chose to get their dues caught up for the year.

Special thanks also go to Beth Howard for getting a copy of the By-Laws out in digital form.  If you missed the email of the link, you can find one at

The President's Choice brew-off went well.  Thanks go to Dave Howard's crew for conducting the Judging!  We only had 3 Bourbon beers in this year's compeition, but they were fun beers.  The results as follows:

President's Choice Bourbon Beers:

Technical Winner:  Joe Bray

Peoples' Choice:
1st - Joe Bray  -"Insufferable Bastard" Bourbon Barleywine
2nd - Aaron Boggs - Spearmint Bourbon Brown
3rd - Scott Boyer - Bourbon Stout

Thanks about all for now.  There should be a newletter coming out shortly due to the Camp-out coming up on May 28th!


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