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Nov. 2008 Newsletter, Not the Dog 205

The Not Dog — November 2008 — Issue 205

'Walking The Dog' is the official newsletter of 'FOSSILS'

(Fermenters of Special Southern Indiana Libations Society)

We are a home brewing and beer appreciation club

Located in New Albany, Indiana since 1990.

For the past several years, newsletters have been sent out

each month, electronically to FOSSILS members and friends

under the name 'The Not Dog'.

For additional information visit us online at


Note: 'The Not Dog' is now published as a web page and should load
much faster for those of you still on dial-up internet connections.
If you experience a problem viewing this newsletter, please drop me a
note and I'll try to fix it.

Contact Joe Bray

On Tap This Issue

Get out your planners! Great events on the horizon!

November 8 - Porter Contest (Ed Tash, organizer)

December 13 - Holiday Party

January 10 - TBD

In this issue:

  • Election Results

  • The 2nd Annual Riley Ridge Brew-in (Oct 18th):

  • Craft Raffle

  • Porter Competition

  • Christmas Party

  • Free Homebrewing Ingredients

  • Members- Pay thy dues!

  • FOSSILS Supporters and Friends

Election Results

October 18th saw the election of new officers for 2009. In case you
missed the results, here they are again:

President: Bob Capshew

Vice President: Ed Needham

Tresurer: Debbie Frazier

Secretary: Joe "the new guy" Bray

Congratulations to all. I am sure everyone wishes our officers the
best of luck in the coming year. Now get to work!

The 2nd Annual Riley Ridge Brew-in (Oct 18th)

A special thanks goes out to everyone who made it to the event this
year. There were several of us brewing this year. Becky and John
graciously set out food for the crew as well as 2 row. The weather
was great and participants were treated to tasting of several pumpkin

If you were at the event and have photos you'd like to share, please
contact me so that I may post them to the website

Craft Raffle

Just a quick reminder; this Saturday is the Fossils Craft raffle.
Bring out your homemade and craft items for this raffle. This is
going to be a great time for everyone and remember, the cause is US!

Porter Competition

The next club meeting is Saturday, November 8, at 6:30 p.m. in the
NABC Prost, the special events wing of the New Albanian Brewing
Company. On the agenda is the annual FOSSILS Porter Competition
(follow the link for details). Note that coordinator Ed Tash will be
at the Public House to collect entries on Thursday, Nov. 6. If you
have questions, contact Ed.

Christmas Party

Plans are gearing up for this year's Christmas party. More
information will be going out as plans are confirmed.

Free Homebrewing Ingredients

The FOSSILS club has a standing offer to pay for ingredients if you
will bring half of your beer to one of the club meetings. For
example, if you make a 10-gallon batch, bring 5 gallons to the next
meeting and you will get your 5 gallons for free. What a deal! We
also encourage homebrew bottles, growlers, mini-kegs and of course
kegs at our meetings.

Members- Pay thy dues!

FOSSILS membership dues are payable in January by cash or check.
Check with Treasurer Denny Stapp at any meeting. As a reminder,
FOSSILS dues are $18 per year (a true bargain) and include sampling
privileges at meetings, member-priced premium items and voting rights.
Dues are structured thusly:

"Family" membership = dual membership for a couple consisting of
wife/husband/significant other. Both designated adults are considered
to be active members for the purpose of voting and other member

"Individual" membership = single membership with the privilege of
bringing a guest to meetings. The dues-paying individual only is
considered to be an active member for the purpose of voting in
elections and other member benefits (sale-priced t-shirts, for

FOSSILS Supporters and Friends

FOSSILS is generously supported by and supportive of these beer
-friendly businesses.

In no particular order:

RichO's, Sportstime Pizza and The New Albanian Brewing Company – As
founding FOSSILS members, Roger & his crew have always been an
integral part of our club, serving as our home base since 1990. With
a beer list unrivaled in the Midwest, excellent food and the fine
handcrafted beers of the New Albanian Brewing Company on site, this is
the BEST place for FOSSILS to call home.

  • Youngstown Cigar Shop - Tobacco lovers will find cigars, pipes, pipe
    tobacco, lighters, humidors, and many other accessories at Mike's fine
    establishment. The shop is located behind Regions Bank, East 10th
    Street in Jeffersonville, 1 mile from I-65 (exit 1). NOW SERVING BEER
    ON TAP!

  • The Keg Liquors, (Currently rated #14 in the world for 'Best Beer
    Retailer 2008'—way to go Keg!) FOSSILS member and Keg owner Todd Antz
    carries a fine selection of micro and imported beers at his
    Clarksville store at 617 East Lewis and Clark Parkway, Clarksville, IN
    (812) 283-3988. Check their website for periodic beer and wine
    sampling nights.

  • Riley Ridge Wine, Beer and Canning Supply Shop, LLC "Let us help you enjoy the fruits of your labor." Visit FOSSILS members Becky and John Riley at 6335 Riley Ridge Road in
    Lanesville for a full line of wine and beer supplies. Plus, the offer
    canning supplies all year and will be glad to set you up with gifts
    and gift certificates. Hours: Mon/Tues/Thur/Fri. 10 – 6 pm; Sat.12
    – 5 pm; Closed Wednesdays and Sundays. Call for details and
    directions (812) 952-2121.

  • Sarah Ring with Harrison Realty - Understanding the needs of beer
    drinkers since 1993 through Bluegrass Brewing Company, now wheeling
    and dealing houses for FOSSILS and Friends in Southern Indiana.
    Referrals always welcome -call 502-550-9503.

  • Memphis Meat Processing - These are the guys who donate the very cool
    buffalo femurs we make into lamps. They offer great quality buffalo
    meat at good prices. Click <a
    target="_blank">here</a> for their contact information & a full price

FOSSILS sponsorship is an effective way to reach discerning and
intelligent readers who are your friends and customers. Not Dog
advertising is bartered for goods and services donated to the club.
If you are interested in becoming a FOSSILS sponsor, please contact
Bob Capshew, FOSSILS President at

FOSSILS Contact Information

President--Bob Capshew

(812) 952-3667

Vice President—Ed Needham

Secretary— Joe Bray

(812) 207-8299

Treasurer--Denny Stapp

Website--Scott Boyer

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