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Oct. 2008 Newsletter, Not the Dog

The Not Dog ― October 2008 ― Issue 204

'Walking The Dog' is the official newsletter of 'FOSSILS'

(Fermenters of Special Southern Indiana Libations Society)

We are a home brewing and beer appreciation club

located in New Albany, Indiana since 1990.

For the past several years, newsletters have been sent out

each month, electronically to FOSSILS members and friends

under the name 'The Not Dog'.

For additional information visit us online at


Note: 'The Not Dog' is now published as a web page and should load
much faster for those of you still on dial-up internet connections.
If you experience a problem viewing this newsletter, please drop me a
note and I'll try to fix it.

Contact Ed Needham

On Tap This Issue

Get out your planners! Great events on the horizon!

October 11 � FOSSILS Meeting MOVED!!!

Due to time conflicts with Harvest Homecoming and the…

NABC Fringe Fest 2008
"Harvest Culture on the Skids"
Beer, Music, Film, Art

under the big top (well, a tent, at least) in the parking lot

adjacent to the future Bank Street Brewhouse

at 415 Bank Street in downtown New Albany.

October 12 � IRON MASH Competition

October 18 � FOSSILS Meeting at Riley Ridge


Election of Officers

October 18 � Brew Day at
Riley Ridge 10:00am to ???

November 8 - Porter Contest (Ed Tash to organize)

December TBD - Holiday Party

October Meeting Change!

The October meeting is being moved to October 18th to coincide with
the Brew-in at Riley Ridge. Why, you may ask? Because also on that
day are two notable events (NABC Fringe Fest and Harvest Homecoming)
that would likely compromise attendance for a very important meeting
planned for election of club officers. Club by-laws dictate that
elections must take place in October, so this seemed to be the best
solution. To complicate things further, Prost would not be available
for a meeting on the 18th, so it made sense to move the meeting to a
place where quite a few FOSSILS will likely be…The Riley Ridge

This also means that the Craft Raffle, scheduled for the October
meeting will be postponed and a new date will be announced soon.

On election day at Riley Ridge, ballot collection will begin at 1:00pm
and end promptly at 5:00pm when votes will be tabulated.

Sample Ballot:

President: (vote for one)

□ Jay Hulbert

□ Bob Capshew

□ None of the above

Write in: ___________________

Vice President: (vote for one)

□ Barb Cotton

□ Ed Needham

□ Caleb Sunderman

□ None of the above

Write in: ___________________

Treasurer: (vote for one)

□ Debbie Frazier

□ Denny Stapp

□ None of the above

Write in: ____________________

Secretary: (vote for one)

□ Joe Bray

□ Ed Needham

□ None of the above

Write in: ____________________

For those who will not be attending the brew-in, absentee ballots will
be available at RichO's Pub on the three days preceding the meeting
(Wednesday the 15th, Thursday the 16th and Friday the 17th). One (or
more) designated FOSSILS members will be at the pub to assure the
ballots are available to dues-paying members between the hours of
6:30pm to 9:30pm each of the three days.

Riley Ridge Brew-in

Saturday, October 18, 10:00am

----- Original Message -----

From: "Becky Riley" <

Subject: What is Brew Day at Riley Ridge?

This is a chance to let the public know about Fossil's, increase
membership, and brewing interest. Becky will provide 1 to 2 bags of 2
row. I will try to get a bag donated. I am requesting you to bring
your equipment out to the farm at 10am to set up on October 18th.You
will brew outside the barn so come down the gravel drive and park in
field. I will need to know if you need a specific Wyeast for your brew
,and a list of other items ahead of time. I will pull all your items
and box them up so they will be ready for you. There is a grain mill
on site for the 2 row and other grains. Feel free to fax me your
recipe. John will teach a Beer kit class also starting at 10 am to 12.
There will be plenty of snacks and food for the brewers.

Let your friends know and invite them for a fun day of brewing and fellowship.

Hope to see you here,
Becky Riley
Riley Ridge


Sunday, October 12, 9:30am, BBC Taproom

Most everyone has heard of The Food Network's Iron Chef, where there
is face-off between celebrity cooks who are given unlikely ingredients
from which to craft impressive dishes. The "Iron Mash" is a similar
contest in which home brewers design and brew ales or lagers with a
set of mystery ingredients disclosed to them right before the contest
begins. The Lagers (Louisville) and Bocks (Lexington) have
participated in several Iron Mash Contests over the past few years and
this year are extending the invitation to FOSSIL members to join the

The challenge will be held at the BBC Tap Room October 12, 2008
starting around 9:30 AM until ??. Each brewer/team will be given a
packet of base malt, specialty grains, hops and adjunct flavorings. In
past years, the flavorings have included Belgian sugar, hot cocoa mix,
bitter orange, coriander and other spices, with a wide variety of
malted grains. Each team will have about 30 minutes to create a recipe
incorporating at least one of the adjunct flavorings, declare a beer
style (e.g. as in porter, dry stout or American pale ale, etc.)
then, brew the libation, using all your brew master/mistress skills on
the spot.

After a couple of months, a six pack of your fabulous brew will be
sent to the BOCKS for judging against the style declared at the 'Iron
Mash' with a meeting of all clubs, where Iron Mash Winners are
announced at a TBD date and place in early 2008.

Bring a snack or other food items and any homebrews you'd like to
showcase amongst your fellow brewers. Brew Days always work up a
hearty appetite and thirst!

Please contact Barb Cotton if you plan to participate!

Looking forward to seeing you Oct. 12, 2008, at the BBC Tap Room.

Barb Cotton

Winners of the Kentucky State Fair Homebrew Competition

Congratulations to Dave Howard and Jay Hulbert for winning

'Best of Show' at the Kentucky State Fair! Way to go guys!

Winners of the Brew Food Competition!

Grand Winner!~ Kent Boyce for 'You get it for your balls'

Best use of local food~ Scott Boyer- Wraps

4th Place~ Joe Bray- several types of yummy ice cream

3rd Place~ Barb Cotton- Beer Misu

2nd Place~ Jim and Debbie Frazier- Grilled, beer-basted Watermelon

1st Place~ Caleb Sunderman- Puff pastries

Congratulations to all !

Food for thought…

If you had purchased $1,000.00 of Delta Air Lines stock one year ago
you would have $49.00 left.

With Enron, you would have had $16.50 left of the original $1,000.00.

With WorldCom, you would have had less than $5.00 left.

But, if you had purchased $1,000.00 worth of beer one year ago, drank
all of the beer, then turned in the cans for the aluminum recycling
REFUND, you would have $214.00 cash.

Based on the above, the best current investment advice is to drink
heavily and recycle.

It's called the 401-Keg!


A recent study found the average American walks about 900 miles a year.

Another study found Americans drink, on the average, 22 gallons of
alcohol a year.

That means, on average, Americans get about 41 miles to the gallon.

Free Homebrewing Ingredients

The FOSSILS club has a standing offer to pay for ingredients if you
will bring half of your beer to one of the club meetings. For
example, if you make a 10 gallon batch, bring 5 gallons to the next
meeting and you will get your 5 gallons for free. What a deal! We
also encourage homebrew bottles, growlers, mini-kegs and of course
kegs at our meetings.

Members- Pay thy dues!

FOSSILS membership dues are payable in January by cash or check.
Check with Treasurer Denny Stapp at any meeting. As a reminder,
FOSSILS dues are $18 per year (a true bargain) and include sampling
privileges at meetings, member-priced premium items and voting rights.
Dues are structured thusly:

"Family" membership = dual membership for a couple consisting of
wife/husband/significant other. Both designated adults are considered
to be active members for the purpose of voting and other member

"Individual" membership = single membership with the privilege of
bringing a guest to meetings. The dues-paying individual only is
considered to be an active member for the purpose of voting in
elections and other member benefits (sale-priced t-shirts, for

FOSSILS Supporters and Friends

FOSSILS is generously supported by and supportive of these beer
-friendly businesses.

In no particular order:

RichO's, Sportstime Pizza and The New Albanian Brewing Company � As
founding FOSSILS members, Roger & his crew have always been an
integral part of our club, serving as our home base since 1990. With
a beer list unrivaled in the Midwest, excellent food and the fine
handcrafted beers of the New Albanian Brewing Company on site, this is
the BEST place for FOSSILS to call home.

Youngstown Cigar Shop - Tobacco lovers will find cigars, pipes, pipe
tobacco, lighters, humidors, and many other accessories at Mike's fine
establishment. The shop is located behind Regions Bank, East 10th
Street in Jeffersonville, 1 mile from I-65 (exit 1). NOW SERVING BEER

The Keg Liquors, (Currently rated #14 in the world for 'Best Beer
Retailer 2008'―way to go Keg!) FOSSILS member and Keg owner Todd Antz
carries a fine selection of micro and imported beers at his
Clarksville store at 617 East Lewis and Clark Parkway, Clarksville, IN
(812) 283-3988. Check their website for periodic beer and wine
sampling nights.

Riley Ridge Wine, Beer and Canning Supply Shop, LLC

"Let us help you enjoy the fruits of your labor."

Visit FOSSILS members Becky and John Riley at 6335 Riley Ridge Road in
Lanesville for a full line of wine and beer supplies. Plus, the offer
canning supplies all year and will be glad to set you up with gifts
and gift certificates. Hours: Mon/Tues/Thur/Fri. 10 � 6 pm; Sat.12
� 5 pm; Closed Wednesdays and Sundays. Call for details and
directions (812) 952-2121.

Sarah Ring with Harrison Realty - Understanding the needs of beer
drinkers since 1993 through Bluegrass Brewing Company, now wheeling
and dealing houses for FOSSILS and Friends in Southern Indiana.
Referrals always welcome -call 502-550-9503.

Memphis Meat Processing - These are the guys who donate the very cool
buffalo femurs we make into lamps. They offer great quality buffalo
meat at good prices. Click <a
target="_blank">here</a> for their contact information & a full price

FOSSILS sponsorship is an effective way to reach discerning and
intelligent readers who are your friends and customers. Not Dog
advertising is bartered for goods and services donated to the club.
If you are interested in becoming a FOSSILS sponsor, please contact
Bob Capshew, FOSSILS President at

FOSSILS Contact Information

President--Bob Capshew

(812) 952-3667

Vice President--Caleb Sunderman

Secretary―Ed Needham

(812) 944-0370

Treasurer--Denny Stapp

Website--Scott Boyer

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