Thursday, January 25, 2024

Fossils Plans

Had a great meeting on Sunday January 14. About 20 in attendance. Quite a few Christmas beers tasted. Raffle was awesome!

Notes from the executive meeting held on Wednesday January 24th...
* Agreed to continue meeting at 2pm on 2nd Sunday, until further notice, per our discussion at the Jan. meeting
* Next meeting is Feb. 4, due to the Super Bowl being on the 2nd Sunday of February
* Patoka Lake Brewery will be attending the Feb. Mtg & bringing 6-8 different 'styles' of their beers.  Please respect this person's time and effort and don't have side conversations with your table buddies, while the speaker is speaking!!!   This is rude and annoying and disrespectful to the speaker..
* Coasters, we will put them out on the table for ensuing meetings, to help encourage members to take some & disseminate them locally.  We don't want them to end up like our 25-year anniversary glassware, sitting in the closet collecting dust 8 years on........
* Beer of the Month will not be held in Feb.  But for March, more Belgians!  April TBD, but there are still more Belgians that we have not had
* BOM's for March - Belgian Pale Ale, Saison, Tripel, Strong, Strong Dark, and a Quad
* Our cache of 25-year anniversary glassware will be distributed to members who don't have one, and others will be put in future raffles
* Dues will be discussed each meeting - if you owe, please pay!! It helps to fund the group
* Our meeting agenda 'order' was discussed & we thought it was going well - can be discussed w/all at Feb. mtg.
* Future glassware purchases were discussed, and we should put on any new ones, "Established in 1990"; maybe get the 20-oz. glassware & give some to the pub, for free usage & 'advertising'.  They do NOT use 16-oz. glasses, or we'd give them our 25-year anniv. ones
* Future meetings ideas:
           - Do a Cave Hill Cemetery Tour (Dennis to use one of his outlines) at 11pm then go across the street to Hi-Wire Brewery for a 2pm meeting...
           - Everyone bring their homebrews for sampling (this used to ALWAYS be done, when we had more homebrewers)
           - Visit other local brewpubs, like AWRY or the new Ten20 in Clarksville.
* See everyone on Feb. 4th!!!

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