Thursday, September 21, 2023

October meeting October 7th

Greetings fellow FOSSILS!

Per our esteemed club president, Dennis Barry , 
"The October Meeting will be at Noble Funk at 2pm on 2nd Sunday, October 8th.  Mark your calendars now, and plan to attend! 

We will have a private room, on the left as you walk in.  The speaker from Noble Funk will come in around 2:45 or so, to give us time to take care of Club business.  
We had planned a Belgian Beer tasting but that will be pushed to the November meeting."

You will be on your own to purchase beer and/or food.

For our October meeting, we will also hold elections for the coming year. All four of the current officers have been renominated and agreed to run. Deb Frazier was nominated for treasurer so we will need to vote on that.
Since this will be an "away" meeting, there will be no raffle.

Noble Funk is a Louisville brewery, located at 922 S 2nd St.   Louisville, KY 40203  1-502-755-BREW (2739) 

Come and enjoy the fun! 
Remember, those are required to be a member, and for many of you they are due now. $20 per year per person, is quite a deal! See our current treasurer, EdTash to re-up, and receive a framable membership card. Lol

Drink responsibly, and arrange for a ride home if necessary.

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