Thursday, February 23, 2023

February executive committee meeting

The FOSSILS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE met Tuesday evening at the New Albanian Public House. Officers were all present.

Discussed monthly meeting location, due to difficulties holding a meeting at the current time and location. One of the difficulties is we meet once a month on a Saturday evening and reserving the entire Pub sometimes creates conflict. NABC has begun to have concerns with reserving the entire Pub for FOSSILS, due to having to exclude other customers. Our meetings have been large enough to fill the entire Pub area, so having other customers in our meeting sometimes creates noisy and chaotic meetings. Until this is resolved, it would be nearly impossible to invite guest speakers.
We are looking into the possibility of Sunday evenings again, or possibly meeting at other, more appropriate venues. Dennis Barry and Gary Page plan on meeting with NABC owners to see if a more workable solution can be found.

Executives seem to be happy with the frequent beer tastings and education, so those will continue.

Discussed having extracurricular activities occasionally throughout the week at local breweries.

Our March meeting will be March 11th at 7:00 p.m. at the New Albanian Public House.

All members are welcome at executive meetings if you want to chime in on any of these issues. 

Always! Drink responsibly, and that means  bringing someone with you who can drive you home safely.
Spread the word! FOSSILS is back.

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