Sunday, January 15, 2023

January 14th meeting--Awesome!

We had a wonderful meeting yesterday, Saturday January 14th. There were 23 in attendance. All the executive officers were present. We began the meeting with reports from the treasurer, the secretary, and comments from the president. 

The secretary, me, discussed some of the activities of the past week, linking the internet domain name to the blog/web page. 

Give it a try and see what you think. Tell your friends. Share the link.

There are so many beer aficionados and home brewers in the area that don't know about the FOSSILS club. 
Let's get the word out! 

If you are not receiving emails from the FOSSILS club, contact me via messenger, and I will update the list with your email address. I found a bunch the other day that still had insightbb emails, and they were bouncing with each mailing. Just let me know. 

Dennis Barry, our esteemed the president discussed plans for the future, the itinerary for the meeting which included a trivia contest put together by Ed and Kira Tash, and a beer tasting with education about the Old Ale style of beers. We sampled about 10 beers and learned quite a bit about each one of them. Much thanks to Dennis Barry and Ed Tash for pulling this together.

The raffle, as always, was lots of fun with a number of really nice raffle items. It's worth coming to the meeting just for the raffle, but there is so much more.

Be sure and make the February meeting! It will be as usual, the second Saturday of the month. 7pm at the New Albanian Brewing Company Pub!
See you there!
Your faithful secretary,
Ed Needham 

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