Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Monthly President's Message

Monthly President's message: welcome to 2020! We all made it. If you are reading this it's probably because you enjoy great beer, and possibly enjoy Brewing it. As I see it, that is the focus of our FOSSILS Homebrew Club. A number of us at the last couple of meetings have shown concern that attendance has been down. The purpose of our club is not to make it huge, but would like to rebuild the club so it is more vital, energetic, and to be more interesting and important to the members. It should help us learn more about beer, and brewing, so I would like to see activities to advance these goals. I am open to suggestions from any club member.
We will be setting dates for activities this coming year at our executive meeting on January 7th. Hopefully, the activities of the club will make us better homebrewers, and help us taste and learn more about great beer! We need to work together as a team to make the club strong. Those of us who can lead, should be willing to jump in and use your skills to make us better. Outings to breweries, educational speakers, brewing opportunities so that newer brewers can learn from more seasoned brewers, and other activities to possibly purchase or swap equipment might be opportunities for the club this next year. We need your help and participation to make it the best brew club it can be. We will all benefit. Here's to a happy, healthy, safe, and good beer filled New Year! Cheers!

-Ed Needham

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