Wednesday, August 24, 2016

August Officers Meeting Recap

The following was discussed as this months officer's meeting.

-Summer Party Clean Up at Ed's House still needs some finishing touches.

-Please bring a side dish for the summer party.

-There will be a raffle at the summer party, please bring beer related items.

-There will be some root beer for any younglings, but feel free to bring non-alcoholic drinks for our under age crowd.

-Beer. Bring it. Summer Party!

-Pinewood Derby Prep in anticipation for Akasha's Pinewood derby. Anyone who wants to help Ed Tash financially it would be much obliged. Leading contributor gets naming rights "within reason."

-Brain storming for Fossils sponsored pinewood derby.

-Sept 23 Louisville Beer Fest. Looking to get Fossil members in as volunteers to spread the good word of beer.

-Next officer meeting scheduled for September 21 at richos. 6pm.

-Dec 3rs Xmas party 6pm. Reminder.

-Oct 1st Brew-in TBD.

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