Sunday, September 8, 2013

FOSSILS-Great Meeting!

Hey Fossils members and friends!
We had a great meeting tonight at the New Albanian Brewing Company- Public House, otherwise known as RichO's.  We'll be here for a few more months or until work is completed on the Prost Room, which has been our regular meeting place. It'll be nice to get meetings back on track on Saturday evenings also. Next meeting will be Sunday, October 13 at RichO's.
Tonight we had a toast for one of our faithful members who passed away. Rod Rodriguez.  A good man, and a great personal friend to many of us. Rod, you will be missed.
Tonight we had Officer Nominations for the coming year. Nominations can be made throughout the month, until the election, by contacting one of the current officers.  You can even nominate yourself! There is also the option for write in votes.
There are four official positions we call offficers: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Tonight Richard Rush was nominated to run as President. Susan Kaempfer as Vice President, a new member, Laura Buckingham as Secretary, and Debbie Frazier as Treasurer. Please consider running for an office.  You will have plenty of support from past officers, and it's not that hard.  The toughest part is going for Executive meetings, talking, drinking beer and getting to be in on what's going on behind the scenes.  Cool, eh? Writing this email is about the toughest thing I've done as Vice President, since I'm filling in for Joe Bray, who skipped town on us (GRIN) to take a job in Michigan.
This evening we also had the Annual Brewfood Competition. Entries were judges by the club, and the winners are...
Third Place...Melissa McCullough with her Beans, Rice and Beer, Andouille Sausage and...BACON!
Second Place...Kira Tash with a very yummy Farmhouse Ale Strawbeery Sorbet. (I can't believe I just made that typo...strawbeery?)
and (drumroll)...
First Place...Barb Cotton with her 'Hopped-up Sun Dried Tomato Panchetta Bruchetta on Garlic Polenta Crisps."
Congratulations to our winners!
The raffle had some very nice prizes, and enough that pretty much everyone who entered was a winner.
November Meeting will be our Annual Craft Raffle, so get started with your personally crafted items to bring! These raffles support our club and keep membership fees silly-low.
Susan Kaempfer and John Dillman, her husband have offered to open their store on the Saturday evening of Harvest Homecoming (October 12) for Fossils members to hang out and listen to some awesome live rock and roll.  We did this last year and it was a blast, and Susan and John wanted to open it for Fossils folk. Thanks guys! 
That about wraps up this newsletter! Stay tuned for occasional updates and changes!
See you soon!
Ed Needham, FOSSILS VP/acting Secretary

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