Wednesday, October 31, 2012

November FOSSILS Meeting, Sunday 11/11- There will be voting!

Hi everyone, long time no harassing email....

The November meeting is coming up and I wanted to let everyone know that the Exec Committee will be having a vote at the November Meeting on whether to move meetings back to Saturdays for 2012.

While not specifically needed via the by-laws, we all voted the last time and we will do it again November 11th.

Basically (and I am summarizing), we have the option to meet on Saturdays at NABC and the cost to cover this is $250, which we consider more manageable than the costs we were looking at when we shifted from Saturdays.  I'd expound on things like preferences and what day of the week is more fun  and such, but you get the idea.

Here's how you can vote:

1.  Come to the Saturday meeting.  If you are a dues paying member, Vote.
2.  Email with your preference.

If you aren't currently paid up and you'd like to voice your opinion anyway via email, that's ok by me.  I'll take that information with me to the Club Meeting.

I will announce any schedule changes after the meeting.


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