Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bourbon Barrel Project Brew Date and Info


As many of you know, Woodford Reserve has donated barrels to over 10 Indiana homebrew clubs.  Each club is making a barrel of bourbon barrel-aged beer of their choice.  Five gallons of each barrel will be sent to the Indiana State Fair for analysis
The FOSSILS have agreed to participate and feel that we have an edge due to our previous barrel experiences.  We have set a date for the brewing of the barrel beer and are also planning to make some additional beer to supplement our future meeting needs.
The brewing will be at Bob & Maureen Capshew's barn (7720 Corydon Ridge Road) on Sunday, March 14, 2010.  We plan to begin at noon.  Please note that this is the day after the FOSSILS regular March meeting.
Our barrel beer (50 gallons) is a Belgian Trappist ale similar to Roquefort 10.  The recipe is from Ron Downer.  Ron, who many of you know, is a retired professional brewer who has made this recipe several times.  We will use the 60 gallon mash tun for this batch.  Scott Boyer has cultured some Trappist yeast for this batch.
We are also making a lower gravity ale from the second runnings and additional grain as needed.  Choices for this beer are Belgian dubbel and Belgian pale ale.  The size and type of smaller beer will depend on the participation rate described below.

We need to get an accurate count of participants so that the beer gods and goddesses line up properly for our special brew.  We need the following:
Brewers - A brewer will need to bring a propane tank, propane burner and a 15 gallon kettle.  Some of the brewers also need mash tuns that can hold enough grain to make 10 gallons of beer for the smaller beer. 
Fermenters – Since this will be a massive amount of beer, we need some people to volunteer to bring carboys for the small beer.  These fermenters will need to take the carboys home and keg the beer at the appropriate time.
Assistant Brewers – Assistant brewers are needed to stir wort, lift kettles, clean equipment, dump grains, etc.
Please let us know if you are able to participate and what role you can play so we can finalize the recipe sizes and gather the required ingredients.

Dennis Barry aka Supreme Brewmeister
Bob Capshew aka Presidente precendente 

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