Saturday, January 9, 2010


When the ball dropped in Times Square at midnight on January 1, 2010, it not only heralded the onset of a fresh decade, it also marked a significant FOSSILS milestone—our club’s 20th anniversary year.

According to legend and lore chronicling the origins of FOSSILS, founding members found themselves mysteriously drawn to the fossil beds at the Falls of the Ohio on a sunny fall afternoon in 1990 where they happened upon a magical Fehr’s bottle opener firmly lodged in the ancient bedrock... 

OK, so that’s not exactly how the story goes.  But stay tuned throughout the year for real tales of the early days of FOSSILS and our illustrious founding members.

To celebrate FOSSILS and 20 years of beer, friendships, and memories (though some of them admittedly fuzzy) the club has generated, I’m heading up the FOSSILS 20th Anniversary Party Squad (TAPS).  This group will lead a variety of initiatives and activities during 2010 marking this monumental observance and, of course, likely plan some sort of celebratory shindig later in the year.
Interested in playing along with TAPS?   Let me know at the January FOSSILS meeting on 1/9 or drop me a line at or through Facebook.  We’ll find a time for TAPS to gather over a few pints, chat through ideas and start framing up plans for a great year.       Cheers! -Beth Howard

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