Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 Funky and Pungent Competition (Jan. 12)

Saturday January 12, 2008
Prost Room at Rich O's
6:15 Food Drop Off, 6:30 Meeting

Prizes For Best of Show, Second, Third,
Brew Food Judges Include
  • Dave Clancy, Formerly of New Albany Bistro….Currently of BBC Shelbyville Road
  • Bob Hill…..of Courier-Journal and Hidden Hill Nursery
  • Pungent implies a sharp, stinging, or biting quality especially of odors, sharply painful, having a sharp point.
  • Funky odd or quaint in appearance or feeling, having an offensive odor, earthy, funky, funkier, funkiest!
Contest a struggle for superiority or victory
  1. Creativity Counts…imagination, presentation, ingredients
  2. Flavor….judges can be scared, but they've got to be able to eat it!!
  3. Aroma…..funky and pungent are both smelly adjectives…...know your nose
  4. Variety….appetizers, soups, salads, desserts…...any funky format will do!
  5. Beer is better…..barley enhancements are always a plus
Entries will be judged by three highly qualified and strong stomached epicureans on a scale of
1-10, ten being The Ultimate Funk!
Start Cooking Now….
Don't Procrastinate! Bring Raffle Items!

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