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Walking the Dog 174: May 2005


… Is the electronic newsletter of FOSSILS (Fermenters of Special Southern Indiana Libations Society); a home brewing and beer appreciation club located in New Albany, Indiana. It will be sent out on the first of each month from now on. Visit FOSSILS on the Web at

Since 1990 … FOSSILS: Carbonated – Not Carbon Dated!

The newest compiler of Walking the Dog is me, Scott Boyer ( Don’t hesitate to contact me with anything you like, dislike, or want to see changed about the newsletter or web site. Submissions for the Dog will be credited to the author of the submitted material, but be sure to get yours to me early; I need some time to get everything together.

Fossils is generously supported by the following beer friendly businesses (In no particular order):

  • Youngstown Cigar Shop - Tobacco lovers will find cigars, pipes, pipe tobacco, lighters, humidors, and many other accessories at Mike's fine establishment. The shop is located behind Regions Bank, East 10th Street in Jeffersonville, 1 mile from I-65 (exit 1).

  • RichO's & Sportstime Pizza - Roger & his crew have always been an integral part of the Fossils Club. They graciously host many of the club meetings and have always given us their support. His establishment has the best beer selection in the area, and his food is excellent. As for the beer brewed there: Indiana State Fair's professional best of show '04 - Bourbon Barrel Stout. What can I say; we know it, we love it. Keep it up Roger & company!

  • Cumberland Brews - Matt Gould has some great beers on tap. The atmosphere is great, and the food is very tasty. Our club meeting there was a lot of fun, and I know we will all be back again, again, and again! 1576 Bardstown Rd., Louisville, KY. (502) 458-8727

  • Old Mill - These guys have a great selection of both beer & wine. They are so good that they made '03 Best of Louisville. Old Mill is in the modern shopping center at Blackiston Mill and Charlestown Roads, just off I-265 south of the Charlestown Road (Ind 311) exit. (812) 941-1350

  • Destinations Booksellers - The bookstore is located on Spring Street (604 East) roughly opposite Coyle Dodge, and there’s parking on the street in front as well as in the behind the building. The owner is Randy Smith, and his phone is 944-5116. Randy helped us out with our new library cart & some nice additions to our brewing library. Be sure to stop by & see all he has to offer!

FOSSILS sponsorship is an effective way to reach discerning and intelligent readers who are your friends and customers. Not Dog advertising is bartered for goods and services donated to the club. If you are interested, please contact me (

ISSUE NUMBER 174 - May 2005.

This month’s highlights:

· New website, new emailing list

· The annual Brewerania sale

· The May Fossils meeting & President's Choice ESB home brewing contest

· The picnic planning meeting

· A few reminders

As many of you know, the Fossils web site has changed. Be sure to check it out ( If you see anything you would like to add or change, feel free to contact me ( You will be seeing significant expansions & additions in the future as I get the time. In addition, I need help rebuilding the email list of all of our members. I have done my best to accumulate and enter all of your email addresses into the new database, but I’ve probably missed some and mistyped others. Have anyone you know who should be receiving the newsletter contact me at the address above.

- The annual Brewerania sale will be held at RichO's from 11 AM to 5 PM, Sunday May 15th. For those of you who haven't been there before click <a href="">here</a> for directions. It is a very popular event for all collectors, dealers and appreciators of brew-related memorabilia and tools. Expect to find Pre-prohibition to Contemporary brewerainia, local items (Falls City, Fehr's, Ortel's '92, & BBC), antique bottles, advertising from major microbreweries, beer signs, mirrors, lighted signs, glassware, trays, clocks, lamps, books, and lots more. Admission is free for the general public. Dealer space is available for $15/table. Contact Kira Tash (812) 945-8122, <a href="">

Here is an update from Kira & Ed:

I’m pulling together details for this year's sale, just two weeks from now! I'm nailing down my dealer's list so I can make sure I put folks where they want to be. If I haven't talked to you recently just drop me a line to refresh my memory. Please let me know if you want the same table you had last year, or more or less space. There are also a couple people who expressed interest as new dealers this year. Just let me know for certain - if you don't have a lot of stuff, you might find someone to share a table. I'm hoping to have a good crowd again this year - so let's have plenty for them to buy! Any FOSSILS or LAGERS member who has items to sell at the Beer Collectable Sale is welcome to bring those items and put them on the consignment table. You price the item and the club takes a 10% cut of the price you set. This is a good way to sell some of those beer related items that you don't use anymore.
Contact me by email or phone (812) 945-8122
Kira Tash

-The next Fossils meeting will be held at Sportstime Pizza at 6:00 PM, Sunday May 15th. For those of you who haven't been there before click <a href="">here</a> for directions. The President's Choice home brewing contest will be a big attraction, with this year's category being ESB. Did I mention that the Members will be the judges? Be sure to attend!

- Here are a few things from Dave:

I would like to remind folks to dig deep for raffle items especially over the next few months. We have the FOSSILS LAGERS picnic coming up in June. This is always a drain on our available resources. For those who would like to contribute ideas or help for this years picnic, we are having a planning meeting at the BBC downtown near 4th street live on the 11th of May at 7:00 PM.

Also an update on the July trip to Thomas Family Winery: We are nailing down a per person cost for the wonderful dinner Steve Thomas has made available for us. We are in the neighborhood of $ 10 a person. We will need to pay for this in one lump sum so remember to pay FOSSILS for your dinner to keep things simple. If you have not made reservations at the Broadway Inn, you are urged to do so.

Cheers, Dave

FOSSILS dues are $18 a year for an individual, with the privilege of bringing a guest to meetings The dues-paying individual only is considered to be an active member for the purpose of voting in elections and other member benefits (sale-priced t-shirts, for example). Dues are $18 a year family; you and your husband/wife/significant other. Both designated adults are considered to be active members for the purpose of voting and other member benefits. Make sure your dues are current; I understand that there are still several members that need to pay this year’s.


The End.

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