Saturday, September 19, 2020

September Meeting Minutes and October Meeting

We had a turnout of about 12 members for our September meeting at Donum Dei on September 13. We discussed ways that our club could meet and still stay safe. Some members thought that our social distancing could have been spaced out a little better. So for our October meeting we are going to meet at Our Lady of Perpetual Hops. They have an outdoor area that we can use to meet at, weather permitting. However their inside area is large enough that we may be able to meet inside and spread out. Masks and social distancing will be required. Our Lady of Perpetual Hops is located at 300 Foundation Court, New Albany, IN (The Industrial Park off of Grant Line Road) The meeting is October 11th at 6:00 PM. The have adequate seating please bring a lawn chair if needed.

Sunday, September 6, 2020


The Fossils Homebrew Club is going to attempt to safely meet to celebrate our 30 year anniversary this month. We will be meeting in the parking lot of Donum Dei Brewery this coming Sunday, September 13 at 6:00PM. As mandated by the state and common sense masks will be required at all times when not eating or drinking. Safe distancing will also be necessary for us to remain safe. It's been a long time since we've come together, and this will be a good way that we can still meet safely. We will not have a raffle due to safety concerns. Donum Dei beverages and limited pub menu will be available for purchase.Bring your own food if you feel the need. Please bring lawn chairs. In the event of inclement weather we would have no choice but to cancel. If you feel that you cannot do this safely, no one should feel guilty for not attending. We hope to see you next Sunday.

Saturday, May 9, 2020


There will be no Fossils meeting tomorrow. The New Albanian is still closed, and they will re-evaluate opening on June 1st. Maybe we will have a meeting in June! I hope everyone is well! We can utilize this Facebook group for Club interaction and stay in touch. There are a number of groups that are very active on Facebook. Lots of sharing, and memes, and recipes, and good events in bad events. I will try to post more on here

Monday, March 9, 2020

Notes for Fossils Meeting of 3-8-2020

We had a nice turnout for our Brew Food competition. Eighteen members were present and we had 6 entries in our Brew Food competition.
The winners were:
First Place - Ed Ryan
Second Place - Dave Leist
Third Place - Ed Tash

Thanks to everyone who participated in our competition.

Announcements made during the meeting: Donum Dei in New Albany will be having Anniversary, Irish Breakfast and their release of this year's
Drunken Unicorn *Scottish Ale) starting at 7:00 AM this Saturday, March 14 at their brewery.
Also the old location of Flat 12 on Riverside Drive in Jeffersonville will reopen as Harry's Taphouse & Kitchen. They are planning to open in the next
in next week or so.

The April meeting which would normally be on the second Sunday of the month which is Easter Sunday has been changed to the third Sunday,
April 19. The meeting will be at 6:00 PM at NABC on the pub side. We are also having a brew-in in the parking lot of NABC before the meeting 

starting at noon.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Fossils March meeting

Just a reminder that the regular monthly Fossils meeting is this Sunday, March 8, at 6:00 PM at NABC (Sportstime pizza). It will be our Brew Food competition, so get out your recipes and enter your favorite into the competition. As always bring items for the raffle and money to purchase raffle tickets.
The raffle helps pay for the beer that we drink at our meetings. Hope to see you this Sunday.


Monday, February 10, 2020

Notes for meeting of 2-9-2020

We had our regular meeting for the month of February. We had a very nice turnout of 21 members for our Old Ale tasting. Thanks to Ed and Kira Tash for shopping for
all the beers for the beer tasting.

It was discussed during the meeting of setting up a brewing equipment swap sometime in the near future. We  would like to hear from any members that would be interested 
in doing something like this or would like to comment on this idea.

Tentative plans for our April meeting would be a brew- in demonstration to attract new members FOSSILS. It has been discussed of having put in student news papers of IUS
and Ivy tech. 

Discussed was the possibility of having a trivia competition at a future meeting.

Because of remodeling project (painting) going on at NABC this past Sunday we had to cut our meeting short, therefore we did not have to have our normal raffle. So we are hoping
to have a large raffle at our March meeting. Thanks to everyone who brought raffle items to February meeting. They will be put in the March meeting.

Our next meeting will be March 8, 2020. It will be a brew food competition, the food must contain beer, not beer ingredients. It can be entree, dessert or appetizer but it must be edible. We would like to have at least 6 entries, and more if possible.

Please bring raffle items and money to purchase raffle tickets. The money raised from raffle supports the club and pays for the beer that we drink at the meeting.

Hope to have another great turnout at our March Meeting.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Notes for Executive Committee meeting of 2-5-2020

Members in attendance were: Ed Needham; Larry Hovekamp; Ed Tash; Kira Tash;  Mike; Jim Frazier; Debbie Frazier; and Dave Leist.

Ed Tash mentioned that he received the Kentucky State Fair mailing regarding the Homebrew competition and that the fee was $100.00. It was voted on and approved
by the members present for Ed to pay this fee from the club's funds.

We have also started discussions on having a T-shirt for Fossils 30 year anniversary. which will be this September. We would like to get discussions from all members. So if anyone has any ideas or suggestions please bring them up at the next meeting.

The regular meeting of March 8, 2020 was originally schedule to be the Funky and Pungent competition but it has been discussed to be changed to a Brew food competition
(beer must be in it).  We would like to have members opinions and/or discussion on this proposal.

The discussion for the regular meeting in April was to some type of brewing demonstration to try to increase in membership. Also to advertise about this event locally such as
in IUS student newspaper. We would really like to have some input regarding this idea from any of our members.

Our next regular meeting is this Sunday, 2-9-2020 at 6:00 PM at NABC (Sportstime Pizza). it will be an old ale tasting, which we already have some left over from our last tasting.
Ed Tash will be shopping this weekend for some others to sample. Thanks Ed. If any member's have any of this style to share please bring it to the meeting.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Fossil Executive Meeting

The Fossil Executive Committee will be meeting on Wednesday February 5, 2020 at the New Albanian Public House at 6:00 PM.
As always this meeting is open to all members. Our next regular meeting will be February 9, 2020 at NABC (Sportstime) at 6:00 PM. It will be an
old ale tasting. If any members have that style beer that they would like to share please bring it with you/. Also bring raffle items and money to 
buy raffle tickets. 

Monday, January 13, 2020

Regular meeting notes for January 12, 2020

First of all we would like to thank Kyle Richmer and Our Lady of Perpetual Hops for hosting our January meeting.
We had a very good turnout for our meeting, approx. 20 members, which was higher than normal. We would like to continue on
that and keep increasing our attendance.
We awarded our Fossil of the Year Award at this meeting. Our winner was Kira Tash. Congratulations to Kira and thank you for all
that you do for our club.
Our next meeting will be February 9, 2020 @ 6:00 PM at NABC (Richo's). It will be an old ale tasting. If any members have that style
beer that they would like to share please bring with you.
Thanks to all members that brought raffle items and /or bought raffle tickets. The raffle raised $90.00.
Membership dues collected at this meeting totaled $160.00

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Monthly President's Message

Monthly President's message: welcome to 2020! We all made it. If you are reading this it's probably because you enjoy great beer, and possibly enjoy Brewing it. As I see it, that is the focus of our FOSSILS Homebrew Club. A number of us at the last couple of meetings have shown concern that attendance has been down. The purpose of our club is not to make it huge, but would like to rebuild the club so it is more vital, energetic, and to be more interesting and important to the members. It should help us learn more about beer, and brewing, so I would like to see activities to advance these goals. I am open to suggestions from any club member.
We will be setting dates for activities this coming year at our executive meeting on January 7th. Hopefully, the activities of the club will make us better homebrewers, and help us taste and learn more about great beer! We need to work together as a team to make the club strong. Those of us who can lead, should be willing to jump in and use your skills to make us better. Outings to breweries, educational speakers, brewing opportunities so that newer brewers can learn from more seasoned brewers, and other activities to possibly purchase or swap equipment might be opportunities for the club this next year. We need your help and participation to make it the best brew club it can be. We will all benefit. Here's to a happy, healthy, safe, and good beer filled New Year! Cheers!

-Ed Needham

Fossils Executive Meeting

The executive committee is meeting on January 7, 2020, tuesday at New Albanian Public House at 6:00 PM. As always this meeting is open to all members. Membership dues are now due. Also a reminder to all members that our next regular meeting will be January 12, 2020 at Our Lady of Perpetual Hops which is located in Industrial Park off Grant Line Road. This is the Industrial Park where Fire King is located. (the industrial park farther out Grant Line Road) It is all the way in the back of the industrial park. The address is 300 Foundation Court, New Albany.