Wednesday, May 29, 2013

FOSSILS EVENT Sunday 6/9 at 1pm>> Turtle Run!!!


June's event is a gathering at Turtle Run.  The crew is setting up a tasting for us to be followed by Turtle Run's standard faire of great wine, live music, and awesome people.

What to do:
  Come out @1pm
  There is no raffle
  Bring a friend
  Bring something to sit on
  Do NOT bring homebrew
  Have fun

Useful Links:

Joe Bray

Monday, May 13, 2013

Great May Meeting!

I hope all the Fossils Mothers had a great Mother's Day weekend!
We had a great meeting Saturday! Light in attendance, but there were a number of competing activities, including Mother's Day family plans that probably had an impact. We're on a roll though, and the meetings just keep getting better!
The entries for the President's Choice- Imperial Porter Competition were all stellar in my opinion, and it's always a treat to taste the brews created by others in the club! The official winners will be posted soon. (I was out of the room when they were announced and missed all but the winner!)
We will have our next meeting at Turtle Run Winery on Sunday, June 9th. Mark your calendars now!
There will be no regular meeting on Saturday the 8th in the Prost Room.
Please update your calendar now so it gets a priority spot.  This will be fun! -- More details will follow.
Have a great month and brew/drink some great homebrew!
Ed Needham
VP Fossils