Saturday, February 12, 2011

The February Newsletter is Posted


A meeting so good, My wife is leaving me with the kids so SHE can go!  Really, a winery talking about one of our favorite beverages and chocolate/food pairings the day before Valentine's Day?  Rock. On.

If you have a favorite snack to enjoy with wine or beer, please bring something.  Remember, no food service at Sunday meetings...

Dues were due in January.  It's $20/person this year, no couple memberships.  Don't worry, no one is getting disowned if you're late.

By-Laws Committee Meeting
We've been dragging out feet (or is it that we've all been pretty busy)....  The By-Laws Committee is schedule it's next meeting at Richo's Please email me if you would like a copy of the current by-laws before the meeting!

Please step forward.  We are collecting records of all the competitions and award winners.  Unfortunately, we haven't kept track very well of the FOSSILS of the Year.  Please look at your lamps, if you have one of the ugly ones, email me with the year you were recognized.

Remember, bring homebrew, snacks, raffle items, and a merry attitude!

See you there!

Joe Bray
Minister of Disinformation

Friday, February 11, 2011

Womens' Brew-in 2011

Hey crew, it's never to early to plan ahead:

The 2011 Women's Brew In will be April 9th at the Capshew's.  

More details to follow, but for most of you, please keep in mind the pertinents from previous brew-ins listed below (anything that looks or sounds like sarcasm from this point is completely unavoidable and unintentional):
Day & Location:
Women's Brew-in 2011
April 9th at the Capshew's
7720 Corydon Ridge Rd.
Lanesville, IN
There will be a gathering followed by brewing led by someone.  New women brewers are welcome and encouraged.
Someone will bring some homebrew.  Trust me.  It may even be YOU!
If you are new, or a dude, then you might want to know what is done at these things:
  • make beer
  • drink beer
  • eat
  • drink beer
  • raffle
It is called by many the most "Fun" thing that we do all year. 
IF there is a sleep-over, there will be a slumber party, breakfast and probably something to drink like bloody marys in the morning.
Things to think about bringing to the brew-in:
  •  lawn chair
  • raffle items  (our raffle at this brew-in is a little different from regular meetings....girly stuff encouraged!)
  • sleeping roll/ pj's
  • A dish to share for dinner or dessert, or pot luck
  • snacks for daytime/late night
  • money to buy raffle tickets
  • beer?
  • drinking vessel
  • a flashlight might be helpful for getting back & forth from barn - house - campfire.  put your name on your gear.
Maureen will be looking for volunteers.  Please volunteer.  There are activities usually throughout the day, including crafts.  This is a great crew that set this up and you are bound to have a GREAT time.
There will probably be a Cabana Boy.  If you'd like to audition or apply - please forward your resume and a photo with good lighting to Mor.
 "As always, we plan this as an overnight event so that nobody leaves after drinking.  This is very important!   If you cannot stay the night, please be advised that you'll need to establish your sobriety and leave directly after the raffle.  After that point, everyone is here for the night!"
"Babies are welcome.....but if they can walk and talk they need to be 21!"
 "Join in.....and pass this on to anyone else that might be interested.  You don't have to be a homebrewer, who knows, you might end up leaving as one."

Compiled my your Minister of Disinformation, 
Joe Bray

More information and directions will be posted closer to the event.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

FOSSILS meeting w/River City Winery Feb 13!

River City Winery is this month's guest presenter at this Sunday's FOSSILS Meeting

Yes, it could get better, but I'm not sure how. River City Winery has graciously agreed to speak at this month's FOSSILS meeting. (Feb. 13th, 6:30pm, Richo's Prost Room)

Good times, a Wine Tasting/Food Pairing, homebrew..... It's going to be a great meeting!

Pass the word! I hope to see everyone there!