Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Meeting July 17th

Just 2 notes:

1.  The next Fossils Meeting is July 17th in the "L" Prost room!  7/10 is the Indiana State Fair, we discussed and moved the meeting months and many beers ago.  I apologize for the confusion.

2.  The next Exec Meeting is this Thursday at 7pm.  Please come out if you are able or interested or both.

Minister of Disinformation

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Brew-B-Q Next Saturday at Sun King - Details and Notes

This information was previously sent to the FOSSILS Membership but this is a reminder with more complete information. 
Here's the short and sweet of it for those that don't want or need the details...

EVENT: Brew-B-Q 2010 – The 4th Annual Gathering of Indiana Homebrew Clubs
COST: FREE - But if you can spare a few bucks donation to help cover some expenses, that would be great.
DATE / TIME: Saturday, June 12th, 2:00 - 7:00 pm (note the later end time)
LOCATION: Sun King Brewery at 135 N. College Avenue – Near East side of downtown Indianapolis (see directions below).
Sun King's tasting hours on Saturday are from 1:00 – 4:00.  Stop in and show your support.
We will be in their South parking lot.  Thanks Sun King !!!
Read below for the entire email from Ron Smith.
Yours in Suds,
Ed Needham, FOSSILS President
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From: Ron Smith / MarketWise Solutions <ronsmith@marketwisesolutions.com>
Date: Sat, Jun 5, 2010 at 1:36 AM
Subject: Brew-B-Q Next Saturday at Sun King - Details and Notes
To: ronsmith@marketwisesolutions.com

Indiana Homebrew Clubs,
 Sorry for the delay on the details, but you should already have the date on your club calendar.  Next Saturday, June 12th is the FOURTH ANNUAL INDIANA HOMEBREW CLUB DAY – BREW-B-Q 2010 !!!  We hope to see another great turnout as we have in the past, with more than 100 people in attendance.  You will be glad you made the trip!
 IMPORTANT - BIG CHANGE: This year, the event will be held at Sun King Brewery near downtown Indianapolis (directions below).  Sun King is the only physical drop off point for your Brewers Cup entries and Saturday, June 12th is the first day for drop off.  So don't forget your Indiana State Fair Brewers Cup entries!!!
 Anita and her staff at Great Fermentations have been great Brew-B-Q hosts and supporters the past 3 years, so don't forget to stop by there and stock up on ingredients and supplies while you are in town.  Each year, I get asked multiple times about moving the event somewhere that has more shade, because it gets so hot on the black top behind Great Fermentations.  So, with the Brewers Cup drop off point being Sun King and them having some big trees in their South parking lot, we thought we would give it a shot.  Let's try it out this year and let me know what you think.
 Also, if you haven't visited Sun King before, their Saturday tasting hours are from 1:00 – 4:00.  Show up a little early and check this out, buy a growler, etc.  They are doing a great job, making some awesome beer, and really supporting the homebrew community.  Show them your support as well.
 Please contact me, Ron Smith, directly at RonSmith@MarketWiseSolutions.com with any questions, and /or to put your name on my Indiana
homebrewers email list (*see below), etc. You can also call me at 317-201-6535 (mob).
 IMPORTANT: Please send me a quick email with a rough head count for your club for our planning purposes.
  Here are all the details and important notes:
 EVENT NAME: Brew-B-Q 2010 – The 4th Annual Gathering of Indiana Homebrew Clubs

COST: FREE - But if you can spare a few bucks donation to help cover some expenses, that would be great.
Note: The FBI covers all the upfront costs, but some voluntary donations to try to help us break even are greatly appreciated and will insure that this great
day can continue to happen.  We have never received enough money to cover all the expenses, but if we do, those funds will be reserved for the next year's event.

DATE / TIME: Saturday, June 12th, 2:00 - 7:00 pm (note the later end time)

LOCATION: Sun King Brewery at 135 N. College Avenue – Near East side of downtown Indianapolis (see directions below).
Sun King's tasting hours on Saturday are from 1:00 – 4:00.  Stop in and show your support.
We will be in their South parking lot.  Thanks Sun King !!!

WHY YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS IT: One of the featured attractions for this event is clear from the name, Brew-B-Q. One of the FBI members, Frank Petrarca, has a giant smoker and cooks up some awesome smoked meats. Frank has been known to stay up all night the night before the event to prepare an incredible selection of smoked meats. Thanks Frank! Various FBI members will also be providing an assortment of chips and side dishes, but your contributions are welcomed and appreciated. Last, but certainly not least, there will be plenty of homebrew for sampling. Please bring whatever you would like to share. In previous years, several clubs have gone all out, with custom jockey boxes, many kegs of beer, etc.  Others may just show up with some bottles of homebrew in a cooler.  Both approaches are welcomed and appreciated.  What matters most, is that you attend and enjoy the day.

Some other great reasons to not miss this event include:

--- Drop off your entries for the State Fair Brewers Cup during Sun King's tasting hours (1:00 – 4:00).  Also, multiple BJCP judges will be available if you want some advice on the best category to enter your beer in.  Just bring an extra bottle or two for this evaluation and let me know.

--- Door Prizes, Door Prizes, Door Prizes – In past years, we have had tons of door prizes including Beer Guns (donated by John Blichmann), Corny Kegs and
brewing books (donated by Anita at Great Fermentations), a couple of the way-cool "Brew-B-Q" T-shirts (donated by the FBI), lots of craft beer (donated
by World Class Beverages and Barley Island), and much more.  I can't guarantee this same level of door prizes every year, but I will do my best and try to make this year's door prize list equally as impressive.

--- Check out Sun King's brewery and their latest beers!
 --- Meet friends and fellow homebrewers from around the state!


1) Please distribute this email to all your club members ASAP – June 12th is NEXT SATURDAY !!!

2) Review the club list below and let me know ASAP if any changes need to be made to your club listing for the T-shirt.

3) Let me know you are coming (either individually, or someone from your club can give me a rough estimate of how many people from your club will be able to make it), and put it on your calendar. It will really help us to have a head count to plan for.

4) Plan to wear your club T-shirt if you have one, and bring some homebrew if you have any ready to drink.
 5) Your favorite sampling glass and a lawn chair will also be very helpful.

6) Prepare yourself to eat some great food, drink some great homebrew, and meet some great people / fellow homebrewers from all around the state in a fun,
non-competitive environment.

7) I will be doing the T-shirts a bit different this year.  In the past I have taken orders, with the expectation that I would see people (or fellow club members) at the Brewers Cup a few weeks later, but this hasn't been the case.  Instead, I end up with a bunch of shirts that have been ordered and paid for, but no extra money for shipping them (and yes, if you ordered a shirt last year and didn't get it, I still have it).  So this year, I will just provide the information for ordering the shirts yourself from the website.  I will be making some updates to the shirt design and club list for the 2010 version. These are high quality, professionally designed shirts with the event logo and club listing printed on the back and a small logo printed on the front.

Here is the updated list of clubs (let me know if anyone is missing or if anything is incorrect)…

- Bloomington Hop Jockeys – Bloomington

- Columbus Area Classic Alers (CACA) – Columbus

- Duneland Homebrewers Association (DHBA) – Valpo / Michigan City

- Foam Blowers of Indiana (FBI) – Indianapolis / Central IN

- Fossils (Fermenters of Special Southern Indiana Libations Society) – New Albany

- Homebrewers of Preferred Suds (HOPS) – Angola

- Howard County Homebrewers – Howard County

- Indiana Brewing and Drinking Society (IBADS) – Indiana

- Jasper Homebrewing Club – Jasper

- Mad Anthonys Serious Homebrewers (MASH) – Fort Wayne

- MECA Brewers – Central Indiana

- Michiana Extract & Grain Association (MEGA) – Mishawaka

- Muncie Indiana Brewers (MIB) – Muncie

- Ohio Valley Homebrewers Association (OVHA) – Evansville

- St. Gambrinus Benevolence Society – Bloomington

- Tippecanoe Homebrewers Circle (THC) – West Lafayette
 8) Lastly, please drink responsibly at the event.  "Sampling" is the word of the day!  Please have a designated driver or plan to stay in a hotel (and have a way to get there).
 9) Setup, if needed, can begin at 1:00.
 I'm looking forward to seeing everyone next Saturday!

Ron Smith
Mob: 317-201-6535

* For anyone receiving this email, whether coming to the Brew-B-Q or not, if you would like to get on my email list to be contacted about this event, various
other homebrew related events and news, BJCP study group courses, etc., please just send me a reply with your name and email address.

Below is a link to a Google Map of Sun King.  The brewery is fairly easy to find, but College Avenue is a one-way North at that point, which can make it tricky to get to and may cause multiple trips around the block.  So, the best way to get there is as stated below.

 - Coming from the South, it is really easy!  From either 65 North or 70 East, get off at the Washington Street exit.  Turn left (heading West), go under the overpass and turn right (heading North) on College Avenue.  Go about a block and a half and turn right into the Sun King parking lot (see photo below).
 - Coming from the North on either 65 South or 70 West, look for the Michigan / Ohio Streets off shoot (road running right next to the interstate).  Get off on the Ohio Street exit.  As it winds around and heads West, the cross street at the light will be College Avenue.  Easley Winery will be on your right and Sun King will be on your left, BUT, you can't turn left due to it being a one-way street.  So, immediately beyond the light, look for an alley heading South.  Turn left (heading South) on to this alley, then go to the next alley and turn left again (heading back East).  This takes you back to College Avenue.  Proceed directly across the street into the Sun King parking lot.  Below is what you are looking for, except they now have a logo on the building.
 Also see the map link below.
 Search results for "sun king brewery" - Link: 
 Sun King Brewing Co LLC
135 North College Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46202-3801
(317) 602-3701